Vardaan is firmly committed to improving the quality of life of local communities through a number of progressive educational initiatives. These include elementary education for children, renovation of schools, computer literacy programmes, and scholarships for meritorious students and centralized kitchen to reduce dropout rates and enhance nutritional standards. Vardaan will partners with concerned institutions at both rural and urban areas to strengthen educational moves in the following way:
  • To upgrade the educational infrastructure by providing repair and maintenance of building
  • To provide scholarship to poor and under privileged meritorious student especially girl child
  • To impart required materials support such as books; benches; black board; dress materials etc. in the deprived remote primary and secondary schools
  • To provide nutrition facilities support in the rural anganwadi for incoming children having age cohort 1 – 5 years.
  • To promote education activities in order to reduce the drop outs in the rural areas
  • As and when required to the related activities to the education sector
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