Vardaan Foundation Trust was formed with numerous objectives which will be executed in future with the mobilization of the desired resource. Some of the main objectives of the foundation are as follows :
  • To undertake developmental activities in the broad areas of the social services, action and social research with the aim of enabling individuals and groups take maximum advantage of inputs being made by Government and community to make better quality of life.
  • To strengthen the Government’s research cum action programmes at police level.
  • To start and run social service centers both for general & specific groups such as guidance and counseling centers for students, women and for the purpose educational, vocational and career.
  • To undertake all activities related to development, social services, social cum scientific research with latest technical know-how and conduct relevant and suitable programmes in the above areas.
  • To start & run institutions & center for the participation of groups which are not able to benefit from the mainstream.
  • To prepare, adapt, procure, translate and make available literature, publications and manuals after suitable adaptations.
  • To sponsor, collaborate with and undertake on behalf of other individuals, groups and organizations activities, which will help all the above areas. This can be at the local, state, national and international levels.
  • To conduct, seminars, conferences, symposia and invite experts in such forums. Also to sponsor, cross cultural & intercultural exchange between individuals, groups & institutions to encourage the oneness of mankind & the interdependence of ecology, nature and human race.
  • To conduct relevant research, surveys, training courses, publish and translate relevant literature. To undertake in service & other short term and long term training courses.
  • To seek membership, affiliation of national & international organizations in order to maintain contact and to further the activities of the Trust.
  • To undertake any other activities not included above which further the overall goal of the TRUST
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