Rehabilitation Services
Rehabilitation services in India are in highly demand since the era of British Empire as the numbers of people requiring rehabilitation services are at large. The rehabilitation services are usually provided to the person who has some deformity or are displacement form their original habitat. Depending upon the type of deformity/displacement, rehabilitation services are initiated among different types of groups. In spite of knowing that rehabilitation is very complex issue, the organization planned/planning to provide the following type of services.

1. Recreational of senior Citizen : The Trust planned/planning to provide multiple services to senior citizen so as to make their life easy and independent. The Trust will provide free of cost leisure time for Senior Citizens by spiritual learning session, vocational activities; reading; debate and organizing field tour. It is also planning to provide legal support; health care and pension schemes to the needy senior citizens. It also promotes the philosophy to encourage families to take care and make provisions for their old spouse and make their life independent.

2. Rehabilitation of Addict : The incidents of addictions to drug, alcohol; smoking; etc are rapidly increasing. The relationship of drug abuse with the socio-economic conditions or social dynamic of the population is apparent. Thus the Trust had planned to provide the entire gamut of services minimum of cost for treatment and rehabilitation of the victims. The service also includes providing free counseling and awareness generation activities and programming by organizing de-addiction camps.

3. Integrated crèche : An attempt is being made by the organization to provide minimum of cost education and health care to children in the age group of 2-5 year. It also aims to work with street children and provide juvenile justice with the objectives for providing non-formal education; vocational training and occupational placement. Besides, CRECHE also planned to link health and nutrition programme to the unprivileged and needy children groups.

4. Vocational Center for women : As India approached in 21st century, right to marry, healthy sexual relationship to conceive, desire to have number of children, choice of family planning method, abortion practice and right of education etc; still are not under their control. The Trust aims to empower women especially the widows, the destitute and the disabled through income generation activities and micro credit schemes. The initiatives undertaken in the area of women’s empowerment are linked with Government’s programme for employment and training; socio-economic development; under. Rashtriya Mahila Kosh; Mahila Samriddhi Yojna, Indira Mahila Yojana and Women Development Corporation with welfare and support services thereby aiming for the overall development and empowerment of women.

5. Rehabilitation services of Disabled : This Trust intends to open new vistas for handicapped people and members of their families by initiating and undertaking innovative programmes and activities in the areas of education, training and rehabilitation of all categories of handicapped. This includes dealing with mute, mentally retarded, mentally ill, physical handicap etc, those suffering from reconstructive surgery for leprosy and other disabled persons recognized by the Government for the purpose of rehabilitation and welfare work from time to time. Small group of professionals with considerable expertise, training and experience of working with and for the handicapped from different field had joined to provide voluntary services.

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