Sub Unit : Center for Action Research & Developmental Studies
Vardaan Foundation was established for providing different philanthropic services to the deprived, needy and vulnerable communities existing in different strata of the society. It become felt need of the organization for the better understanding of technicalities associated with the action, research, programme designing and management of development programme.

The board of Trustees decided to create a sub-unit of the Trust and established as iversified research institution, which will look after the said tasks. The name of the research institution was given as CENTER FOR ACTION, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENTAL STUDIES" (CARDS).

The center is being established with a multidisciplinary approach to conduct diversified action cum research project under the individual or joint collaboration with national and international agencies. It is aimed to conduct both actions cum research studies so as to take policy initiatives with the concerned authorities. Efforts are on to make the center with well-established infrastructure and recognition of both state and central government. The CARDS was established with the motto
  • To play a responsive role in conducting research, training, & anticipation in the selected, problem areas of significance concerned to government & non-government organizations.
  • To promote research & action that will generate efficiency and change, in the desired sectorial programme & policy formulation;
  • To develop and apply new concepts & technology for the sake of research and developmental programmes;
  • To develop networking and linkage with other similar research institutions having common area of interest;
  • To disseminate findings through publication; seminar, conference, public forum & also through mass media;
  • To generate and mobilize resources from corporate sector; national and international donor agencies for conducting research, training, and anticipatory role of the said objectives of the center.

The main objective of the center was to prepare strategies as to how the said philanthropic services of Vardaan Foundation should be provided? The main aim of the center is to create plan of action, their monitoring and evaluation, operation research, logistic and financial support, and other management related task of the developmental programmes. It also aims for the capacity building, training and technical assistance support to other NGOs performing development programmes primarily by phase of the project cycle as :

Analysis :
Analysis of development issues is basically the major steps in doing action cum research activities. The initial analysis for any action cum research project is meant to have an impact on public policy. This is initiated with accurate information and in-depth understanding of the problem, the people involved, the policy makers, the implementers and the channels of access to influence both the mass and the decision-makers.
Strategy :
Project identification and implementation efforts need a strategy. The strategy phase is build upon the analysis phase to direct and execute plan and focus on specific goals and to position the action cum research efforts with clear paths so as to achieves those goals and objectives of the concerned project.
Mobilization :
It involves project design & financing with joint venture and collaboration. The said project should be designed aiming the event, activities, messages to be transmitted to the target audience, and the available resources. These factors plays an important role and have maximum positive impact on the policy-makers and also maximum participation by all coalition members, while minimizing responses from the opposition.
Action :
The action is carried out keeping in the target population and given them the maximum coverage for the desired service related. Project implementation is done keeping all concerned partners together. This is essential in carrying out the future agenda of the project related to advocacy and tuning policy.
Progress :
Monitoring and Evaluation is an essential step to keep the track of the intervention meant for the desired result? Usually monitoring is continuous process that keeps the track of the activities, to which direction it is progressing or deteriorating while evaluation is done to know the ground realities (baseline survey), and the net effect of the intervention done for the propagating change (mid/end line evaluation)
Sustainability :
The result derived out of action cum research project is ongoing activities that propagate advocacy role. The advocacy is continuous process that deter the planning for continuity and sustainability that is meant to articulate long term goal, keeping functional coalition together. It also meant to keep data and arguments in tune with changing situations.
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