Thrust Areas
In order to provide diversified philanthropic services, Vardaan Foundation had planned to conducted different types of studies with the joint efforts of its sub unit CARDS. Thus the organization have identified the following thrust areas for the current decade ( 2001-2020 ).
  • Provision of services, such as health care, eradicating poverty, promoting social justice, literacy, & human safety, rural development, high-lighting atrocities, corruption and negligence, & development of economic for socially and economically backward community;
  • Disaster relief, resettlement and rehabilitation for people suffering from old-age, mentally retarded, disabled, chronic disease (AIDS, Leprosy, TB, Malaria. etc.) sufferer, drug addictions, famine, drought, war and other related natural & man-made catastrophe.
  • Creating more opportunities for women and children (especially girl child) to participate as equals in and development process is a priority. The strategies to bridge the gender gap are multifaceted and address prevailing attitudes & inequalities in existing situation in both urban and rural areas of our country.
  • Promote community participation for Biodiversity conservation to maintain the natural habitat that will advocate for any action.
  • Community participation, technical & educational assistance to enable local group to organize, solve local problems, establish local enterprises, & influence other agencies to provide better services.
  • Networking for experience sharing, program coordination & joint action on sector issues-with advocacy in support of critical policy and institutional changes. Research and information exchange for the function of development policies and programs.
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